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WE really enjoyed the Wellington concert, in spite of the sound difficulties.We were seated quite high up in the stands and the sound seemed distorted and fuzzy. It did improve during the show and was no reflection on Neil's voice which was still as strong as ever. The sound techs need to check things more thoroughly if they ever come back to that stadium!


Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow has always been my favorite song of his. I think Martina McBride should cover it, but I love that he brought it back; really expected the Smashmouth song `You Are My Number One' that he wrote last year, but there are always ones you wish for.


I look at this setlist.
i am not to thirlled with
not hearing everyones favroite song.

Song Song Blue.

Holly Holy one of my favroits songs
should have been part of the encore.
Longfellow Serenade,would have
been good. Street Life when was the
last time he sang that one in concert.

But i must say,its okay setlist, not his
best, since Woburn Abbey 1977, now that's
great setlist, or live at the greek earlier
in 1977.

Scot from Toronto ontario Canada

Kerry Brosnan

Fantastic night. Neil never seems fail in drawing the crowd into the show with him. It is easy to see why he has been one of the highest paid stage performers in the world for so long. I saw him in 1976 (Western Springs), 1996 (Ericson Stadium)and on this occassion.
My wife and I were in the stands to begin with then soon down on the grass dancing. Although the sound was strange at first, it soon seemed to improve. 32 people on my bus agreed he was great along with everyone else I have come into contact with since.It was great to hear songs I hadn't heard live before like "I've been this way before" and the Johnaton Livingstone Seagull segmont was awesome. I'll certainly be back for more even if he is 74 on his next visit.

Paul Mainwaring

I have been to a number of Neil Diamond concerts over the years, first in Auckland in 1976,Auckland again in 1997 and Christchurch twice in 1999. Last night in Wellington was sublime. I had seats close to the front of the stage and the concert was absolutely amazing, in fact too good to put into words. Neils voice was as good as it has ever been and the crowd of 40,000 joined in as well as any audience in the World. It was the first time Neil has performed in Wellington. For me it was especially good to hear Signs (from "Beautiful Noise" album) which I've never heard him do live before, also Glory Road which was fantastic and Remember Me (from "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" album) was a special treat. For Neil to end the show with "I've Been this Way Before" (Serenade) was espesially good as in my opinion its one of his best songs.
I'm off down to Christchurch for tomorrow night's concert and looking forward to more of the same. Its looking good for another exceptional World Tour!


Awesome concert, Neil played all my favourites and was hugely appreciated by all but what happened to the pre concert sound checks. During the first song a large block of the audience looked at each other horrified then moved enmass to alternative areas. We were caught in the backwash of sound echoing off the stadium behind us which made the voice and music unintelligable, a complete mishmash of sound. Neil must have wondered what on earth was happening, from his vantage point all he would have seen was large numbers of fans walking out!!!! Once relocated we went on to enjoy the best concert yet. Thank you Neil.

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