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Dear Neil,
Thank you for all this wonderful music in my Life.I listen you for 30 Jeahrs.You are very Fantastic.
I`love you.
Have a good Time and Thank you .

Von Karin aus Germany.


Zsuzsa Szántó Dr.

Dear Neil, I must "make a confession to you" now, when I am getting 60 ... (in June, 16th). Even if you don't know me - you have been accompanying me through my life. I got acquainted with you - better to say: "I fall in love with you", as the Jazz Singer in 1981(?), in Austria. The film was prohibited in my country: Hungary...and in that time real jewish communities didn't exist. So the film really touched me very deeply... and since then you had always been with me in my car or at home - and my kids (32 and 30 now, in 2008) listened to your music... And now, at 27th June I will be in Wembly Arena to celebrate my birthday with you and my family and with my best friends whom I invited to your concert and to stay a couple of days in my loved city, London. Thank you for the miracle I had got from you without knowing me. - By profession I am academic cytologist investigating for the medicine against cancer (my mother died of cancer, I had cancer..), but finally I am working for our family business (real estate) in Hungary, deailing with marketing communication, Ad... So I am happy to meet YOU, to see you in London. Zsuzsa Szántó Dr.


Thank you for such a personal view of the three songs--simply brilliant!


Allen Stern

What a show one for the ages!

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