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Robert Clarke

In my later years, I like to listen to Neil's music, and reminisce. The more I listen, the more I realize that this man is one of the most talented music man of the twentieth century. If not THE most. One cannot listen to his music over and over again through the years, without hearing something new. He is truly the ultimate entertainer and songwriter!

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so great I love this music, I enjoyed it too much when I am in home weekends and i listen it for relax myself

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An amazing musician and person, this guy is just amazing on stage, one of the best.

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I love Neil performance,In a music field he is a great and a renowned celebrity and i will watch his show live at all.

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He's one of the last of the legends.

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The legendary Neil Diamond! I always love to reminisce the past listening to my favorite Neil's music, timeless songs.


Love this new feature! love this page.

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I love Neil, one of the best ever!!!!!


ND at long last - Finally nominated to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame!!! Long, Long Overdue! WTG!!

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Crosstalk performers try to use funny conversations to make the audience laugh.

Jordan Hydro

Crosstalk performers try to use funny conversations to make the audience laugh.

The saturday round in professional golf is known as 'moving day'. This is when the cream rises to the top and the winner presents themselves. This was the feeling I got from the Top Four performances Tuesday night. Based on the solos, it seems clear to me now, who will / should win this years Idol.

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This is so awesome - Neil Diamond boots are rare to come by...
If you see any more that would be great - particularly the 70's stuff.

Thanks a lot.


I love you Neil..
Im a youngg adult and listen to your music, i jam out to it with my mom,
I would really enjoy to see you.

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