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Oh my, how great is neil! Every show is fantastic.

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My husband and I went to see him last night in Columbus Ohio and it was pitiful and painful to watch. I knew from the first song that something was wrong, and I can’t believe he even went on. It’s horrible for people to pay what they did and take the time they took out of their day for him to just ignore that his voice was in bad shape. There was a man in front of my husband and I who paid 500.00 dollars for his ticket and they wanted to give him a choice of seats in the top 6 rows for Celine Dion concert ,what an insult. We were not really given any other options as of last night, but as your article stated they would call us today. My husband had seen him 17 times in the past 34 years and felt like this maybe his last time to see his favorite artist perform. I feel that he should either come back and give the performance of a life time or give us our money back

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